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Carpet Information Page

 Carpet and Pad Removal - Purchasing Padding - Shedding - Carpet Matting - Roll crush  Spots and Vacuuming - Adhesives - Measuring and Estimating 

  Carpet Information:  There are a few guidelines to follow when purchasing Carpeting. One be sure that the square yardage is correct most retail stores will do this for you. Two is, you the home owner should be asking where the seams will be placed in your home this is very important. With fewer seams in the home the result is a better job. In some cases it may cost a little more money but in the end you will have a beautiful job, so be sure to ask about seam placement. The third thing is, always inspect the carpet and pad when it arrives to be sure its what you ordered from the store, check the Color, and Style, just be sure its the material you ordered. Questions on seam placement you can call at 661.343.1703 or just email at

Tips on Carpet and Pad Removal

  Removal of the exiting carpet and pad, If you are the home owner and are removing the carpet and pad, here are some tips. First get a utility knife and cut the carpet into 4 foot widths and roll it up, this will make the job of carrying the carpet outside so much faster and easier for you and also for the installer if he happens to be the one disposing of it. The pad is only stapled to the floor so its not as bad to pull up from the floor. In some cases the main level of your home the floor is concrete so the pad will be glued to the floor and for this job all you will need is a 4 inch hand scraper. Mainly this is all being done by you the home owner so you can paint all the way down to the floor this makes for a much nicer look on the base boards and also the room has a chance to air out. All remodeling should be done prior to carpet installation. Such as Drywall, Painting, Wallpapering, if painting has been done you should wait at least 3 days so the paint can dry, then have your installation completed.

Tips on Purchasing Pad 

  Most carpet padding comes in a wide verity of sizes starting from 3/8 to 9/16 of an inch remember thickness is not always best, most Manufactures do not warrantee the carpet if the padding is any thicker then 1/2 inch. To determine a good padding is to ask for the weigh of it, because padding is sold in pounds per square inch, so you may purchase 3lb, 4lb,6lb, 8lb pound padding. Keep in mine that the better the pound padding you purchase the longer your carpet will last and stay looking beautiful. Do you have questions email at

Tips on using Adhesives in your home

  All over adhesives are used for gluing padding to concrete floors in your home and some times the smell can be over whelming so it would be wise to open a window or two, so you may ventilate the room. This will minimize the impact of the odor that the adhesives will release. Mostly all paddings need to be glued to a concrete floor.

Keep in mind if odor becomes a problem - Ventilate for 72 hours.

An excellent installation  -  Will make all the difference in your home, as it will provide long lasting performance, and great durability.

Tips on Carpet Characteristics

* Shedding is common with most carpets, it is said that shedding could occur for the first three months and then it will disappear, Vacuuming is a good way to speed up the process. But not to worry it will go away , and like I said the best Treatment is vacuuming.

* Carpet matting is caused by heavy traffic and excessive moisture, most of the time its from the bottom of our shoes, in and out of the house when its been raining out side and or just all around bad weather. Its recommended that to avoid matting from occurring, its best to take off our shoes, and use an upright beater bar vacuum will help minimize matting.

* Carpet Wrinkling is sometimes cause by temperature variations in your home from hot to cold. But most of the time its due to poor installation, this is why you as a home owner need to be sure that the contractor that installs your carpet is stretching in each room with a power stretcher. 

* Carpet roll crush is in every roll of carpet that is ordered, it is caused when the carpet mill manufactures put a tube at the beginning, when they start to roll the carpet to fill the order. Sometimes you may have roll crush in one of the back bedrooms and this sometimes cannot be helped in some cases it can be cut out, but this depends on how much carpet was ordered from the start. This is where the Estimator comes into the picture, and also the seam placement. But don't worry in most cases the roll crush will vacuum out, if not you should call the retail  store where you purchased your carpet and they will have answers.

Maintenance on Spots and Vacuuming

  Remember that carpet flooring takes more abuse then any other furnishing in your home, all carpets perform differently, the vacuum cleaner plays a very big part in the way your carpet will perform. A newer vacuum will help the condition and the performance of your carpet. Keep in mind that its a good idea to have a fresh bag in your vacuum at all times. There are a few ways to keep your carpeting looking beautiful. The first is ! Vacuum, you could buy a professional vacuum cleaner, which is the most efficient. Or just be sure you have good air flow, and the beater bar is not worn out, because bad air flow and a worn out beater bar will result in matting and wear and tear on your carpet. 

* Spills mostly all carpets today have stain resistant treatment in them, but this doesn't mean that they are stain  Proof !! the longer a stain sits the harder it will be to remove, but if you act quickly 9 out of 10 times you will prevail over the stain. For liquids the best method is a vacuum with the hose attachment, this will suck up most of the spill, " after " never wipe always blot the spill with a cool clean cloth. If using a cleaning solution, be sure to clean a little bit of the stain at a time and blot dry after, repeat these steps until stain is removed. Also be sure not to use to much of the cleaning solution or water to remove the stain or this may result into a headache after spot is removed and dried, you may vacuum to bring back the carpets original texture and beauty.

Measuring and Estimating

* A basic rule of thumb for ordering carpet is to measure the length and width of a room to the farthest points. By multiplying the length by the width < length x width > you will come up with an estimate of your Total square footage, then multiply this by 10% then add this extra footage to the original footage, then you divide this by 9 and that's how many square yards, there are in the room.

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